Social Justice @ Work

In 2012, friends and fellow educators Dr. Jen Matos and Bee Buehring co-founded Social Justice @ Work to engage educational communities in explorations of identity, oppression and liberation. Jen and Bee have since brought their professional experience, academic research, and personal passion into dozens of dialogues, lectures, trainings, and workshops for student leaders, teachers, administrators, and advisors.


Building identity awareness and analyzing the everyday dynamics of oppression. Unlearning biases and harmful messages of dominance and inferiority. Nurturing allyship. Being strategic, mindful, and effective agents of change. Navigating identity-based conflicts. Facilitating difficult dialogues. Designing inclusive curriculum.  Committing to structural change aimed at righting society's wrongs. Healing communities through accountability and action. 


This is Social Justice @ Work in education.


Jen Matos



A native of New Jersey, Jen moved to Massachusetts to attend Smith College as a first-generation student. There, she earned her B.A. in English Literature and Literature and discovered her passion for education. She returned to Smith to earn an M.A.T. and holds Massachusetts State Certification in secondary education as an English teacher. She has taught at UMass Amherst, Our Lady of the Elms, and the Smith School for Social Work. She's currently a Visiting Faculty member in Psychology and Education at Mt. Holyoke College. Jen holds a doctorate in education with a concentration in social justice education from UMass Amherst. Jen's research and scholarly work focuses on the strengths and classroom assets of marginalized students in public education and examining relationships of care between instructors and students and their impacts on learning and activism. Jen lives in Massachusetts.

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Bee Buehring



Bee specializes in training social justice peer educators and cross-identity dialogue facilitators. They hold a certification in Social Justice mediation, which has been invaluable in their work as a college student affairs administrator. Bee also has an undergraduate degree in Film and Studio Art from Southern Methodist University and a M.Ed. in Counselor Educator from North Carolina State University with a research focus in LGBTQIA+ student services. Bee’s research interests include: designing awareness and accountability curricula for white people committed to racial justice, assessing institutional equity in higher education, building affirming campuses for transgender and non-binary students, the history of queer comics and cartooning, and gender, race, and sexual identity in science fiction. Bee grew up in rural southern Texas and now lives in Connecticut.

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